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Are you fit?

A question I hear a lot is he/ she fit to which I reply “fit for what” there are 2 types of fitness, the first and foremost and the most important one is health. Are you healthy? Meaning can you sleep well awaken refreshed able to carry out your daily tasks unhindered by any debili­tations which would cause you pain and discomfort.

If this is the case then the other type of fitness is sport related, which brings me back to my reply above “fit for what” How many types of sports are there? Silly question really as there are lots of different sports all requiring differing physical attributes and skills.

So fit for Cricket is different than fit for ice hockey.

What does this mean?

Get specific, train for the movement patterns and aerobic and anaerobic needs of the sport / activity.

In the gym how many people do you see training chest and biceps on Monday?

Then back and shoulders on Wednesday?

In a sport such as Rugby whenever do you use your chest in isolation? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So why waste your time training body parts in isolation when you never use them in that manner.

Get into the habit of training movement patterns rather than muscles, train yourself to move efficiently, which in turn will enhance the muscles required to allow you to participate in your chosen sport / activity and see how much better you will become. Enjoy your training Dave.

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