Online Training Programmes from Sportesse PT

  • Tried to lose weight many times?
  • Hard to keep it off?
  • Dieting does not work
  • You can't out train a bad diet
  • There are no miracle programmes / pills or potions
  • It is a simple formula
  • Calories "in" to "calories" out. SIMPLES
  • To lose weight safely you need to eat more and OFTEN
  • Small meals on a regular basis to include healthy snacks
  • Lots of water and regular sleep
  • An exercise routine that challenges your body and mind, and keeps you interested

Are you a member of another gym local to you? Do you want a specific training plan to help you achieve your goals?

We can create a bespoke training plan for you by means of our online fitness assessment and a programme containing video links of all the exercises / routines filmed here at Sportesse PT. Backed up with nutritional support andregular contact with your online trainer.