Get some balance into your training

Are you a classic body part gym trainer?

Monday: Chest & biceps

Tuesday Back & triceps etc!!!

Is so then this article is not for you, however if you decide to read on you might find some useful tips in assisting you in your development.

I have been in this industry a long time and have witnessed many and varied ways of training, and many and varied types of trainers.

Over the years I have found my own style which I adopt with all of the athletes, games players and clients that I train.

What is this style?


What does this mean?

In my opinion it is no use being strong and powerful if you can’t control the strength & power you have.

If you focus on just creating big muscles for the sake of having bigger muscles do not expect to be able to move efficiently.

Sport & Life is Movement

In the first instance you need to improve your range of movement and be able to have balance at the end range of your movement.

I call this 1st phase “Foundation Strength”

Without a solid foundation nothing has ever been built.

How do you determine your level of balance / control / foundation strength?

By using a series of bodyweight tests. I have a functional movement screening assessment I put together over 20 years ago to determine an individual’s level of balance / control and foundation strength.

With this information I can create a training programme for them based on their individual needs.

Each training programme is indi­vidu­alised to them as there are 7 billion people on the Earth and not 2 of you are the same.

There is no one size fits all, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.

One of the tests I utilise within the movement screening is to stand on one leg, with the raised leg having the thigh horizontal to the floor. Once in this position close your eyes and time how long you can remain stationary in this position. Most people find this really quite difficult. The longer you are able to hold this position the more stable and balanced you are, if one side is better than the other, then this needs addressing.

Check back later for more advice on creating a more balanced and stable you.

Enjoy your training


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