With any training programme one factor which is important is consistency, there has to be a start and end point to any programme.

1st ascertain your strengths and weaknesses,

How do you do this?

Create a series of tests which will measure the physical attributes of your Sport / Activity

Be specific, it is no use testing your 1 repetition maximum (1RM) in a bench press if you are marathon runner, this is just not specific to your event.

Once you know the results of your tests, you will see where your strengths and weaknesses are, you need a programme to develop and improve on your weaknesses and to maintain your strengths.

After a training programme phase of between 6-8 weeks you need to retest and analyse the results and measure the impro­vements.

Only with a consistent approach to your programme will the improvements be credible, you may have a programme which is technically brilliant, however if your approach to the execution of this programme is poor do not expect brilliant results.

Your technically brilliant programme is just a useless piece of paper which needs to be thrown into the waste bin.

If you aim to carry out the programme on a 3 to 5 sessions per week depending on the sport / activity, this will give you the best possible chance of realising your goal.

I have been devising and delivering training programmes for many years to many different sports performers and games players. Only with dedication and consistency will you achieve your goals.

There is a lot of news around concerning performance enhancing drugs within sport and indeed recreational trainers all looking for the “EDGE” I feel sad for these individuals who think there is a quick route to success. Let’s take a 25 year old male who want to increase his muscle mass and get “Ripped”. He is 6ft tall and weighs 90kg. He probably had his final growth spurt when he was 21 let’s say.

So it took him 21 years to reach his final height of 6 ft tall and 90 kg is an okay weight for his height, so now he decides he wants more muscle mass and starts to take let us say some questionable supplements for accelerated muscle growth. Within 2 months he has gained 7 kg of extra muscle mass, and he is pleased with the results.

However the skeletal frame cannot support this extra mass as the bone structure has not kept pace with the increase in muscle mass, to put it simply, it is like putting 3 large overcoats onto a cheap plastic coat hanger it just cannot support it, and something will have to give. This is where serious injuries occur.

There is no short cut to safe and effective gains; it is all down to having:

1. The correct diet (which is a massive subject on its own).

2. The correct training plan to achieve your personal goals.

3. The dedication to see the training plan through.

If you are looking for a training programme to assist you in your sport / activity please contact me:

Enjoy the training it will be worthwhile.

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